Fuel Conditioning

Fuel Conditioning

We like to think the fuel we purchase is fresh and clean and once in your tank it’s safe. In an ideal world, it would be. In reality, numerous factors make fuel degrade and also cause tank corrosion.

Early diagnosis means cheaper cures.

CFCS Fuel Conditioning process

At CFCS we are able to provide full onsite Testing. This gives us better visibility of the problem, lets us solve it more effectively and means you only have to deal with a single ‘one-stop’ provider.

CFCS Fuel Testing

Regular testing, detects water, microbiological and particulate contamination before it reaches dangerous levels. We recommend fuel is tested on a regular basis and CFCS fuel management and service schedules can be adapted to each individual client.

CFCS Fuel Cleaning

Cleaning is an essential part of any fuel conditioning programme. CFCS cleans your stored fuel without requiring a diesel uplift and without losing your stored fuel in the process. This is economical and cost effective.

Clean fuel does not stay clean and since bio-diesel percentages are on the increase, Monitoring and Conditioning Schedules have become important, to safeguard Equipment from failures and down time. Even clean bio-diesel attracts water due to been hydroscopic and water encourages Microbial growth.