Government Recommendations

The Government advises (Read here) that stored fuel used for equipment should be checked regularly to ensure that it remains fit for purpose to ensure the continuity of your business and the safety of your employees and customers.

Onsite Fuel Test

As part of CFCS ongoing fuel awareness campaign, we are pleased to offer fuel testing onsite to ensure your emergency equipment fuel supply is contamination-free. Click here to book your test and learn more about how CFCS can be of service to your business.  

Microbial Contamination in Diesel Fuel – Are new Problems Arising from Biodiesel Blends?

Standard diesel fuel is allowed to contain only 0.2 cm3 water per litre of fuel from which a third of this is dissolved. The rest of the water settles at the tank bottom and is sufficient to serve as a biosphere for the microorganisms. Microbial products of decomposition form an

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Lloyds Registry

Petroleum diesels typically hold 60ppm of suspended water. At this level, the water is almost insignificant. Provided the fuel is regularly used and replenished the aforementioned microbial contamination problems do not occur. Bio-diesels typically hold up to 25 times more suspended water than petroleum diesel. The worldwide introduction of bio-diesel

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