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CFCS Testing

Fuel Testing

  • CFCS prides itself on Detailed Specification and Contamination testing of fuels.

  • Here at our own In-House testing facility, CFCS adopts the latest ASTM & ISO Standards and test methods to ensure Quality is Guaranteed.


Oil Analysis & Testing

  • CFCS are proud to have selected Spectro Scientific Oil Analysis equipment, which generates Immediate actionable detailed results.


What Our Clients Say

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Filter Bags

  • CFCS has selected and tested 2 brands of High efficiency rated Bag Filters. The testing was conducted in a real-world fuel polishing environment. The use of high-quality products provides quality assurance, reducing time on clients sites, reducing costs, reducing disposal and environmental impact, and for morale in shortening the working day out in the field in the cold and wet.


Polishing & Conditioning

  • Polishing & Conditioning fuels can be for many reasons, the removal of contaminants or part of a good fuel Husbandry regime, especially on low use stored fuel.

CFCS Fuel Polishing & Conditioning
CFCS Engineering Support

Engineering Support

  • Supporting your Business with Regulatory Requirements, service support or Design and build projects.